Going Greek

College can open your world to many new experiences and opportunities. Many universities have hundreds of clubs, teams, and organizations for students. Sororities and fraternities are two groups that many students decide to join.

They are social organizations that undergraduate students can join that aim to help students bond and provide good networking as well as some scholarship opportunities. They often have a Chapter house that students can live in to be close to other members and participate in activities together.

Sororities, from the Latin word meaning sister, are for women and fraternities, from the Latin word meaning brother, are for men. They are typically named using the Greek alphabet and the letters of each organization hold great pride for its members, often called brothers or sisters.

Joining a Greek organization helps students, especially during their freshman year of college, to make friends and create bonds with others. Members are often paired with an older member of the organization as their Big Brother or Big Sister to mentor and help guide them through college life.

There are also professional or academic Greek organizations that can help students connect with people in their chosen major and build their professional networks.  Because these Greek organizations are not solely focused on social bonds, they are a great place for students who may not feel like they fit in at a typical sorority or fraternity. Joining a Greek organization can help you make friends and build networking skills, which can lead to job opportunities.

While joining the Greek life can often be a great way to get the most from your higher education experience, so can working to eliminate frustration and to save money in regards to your student loan debt. When dealing with student loans, a good organization to turn to is the Student Aid Center. Their professionals help by offering professional assistance with the preparation of documents required by the Department of Education.