Working For Your College?

College costs can skyrocket quickly. Sometimes scholarships and grants aren’t enough and many students need to work while in school to pay their bills. But it can be difficult to find a job that is willing to work around your school schedule and will understand when you need time off to prepare for exams. Participating in a work/study program or working at your college can be a great way to have a work-school balance and make some extra money.

There are many jobs open to students at universities. Resident Assistants, often sophomore level and above, are students who live in the dorms (usually for free or at a reduced cost) and help the students on the floor by resolving disputes, providing counseling for homesick students, hosting fun activities, and personal touches to the dorm floor. They keep an eye on the students on their floor and may help by working in the lobby of the dorm, monitoring who is coming in and out of the building.

Another great job for students is working in various offices around campus, like the offices of Financial Aid, Student Life, and Administration. This can not only earn you some cash while in school but can be great work experience to add to your resume. It may even lead to a job working at your school after graduation.

Working for your university can be a great way to earn some money while in school and can help build your resume. You can get the chance to do something unique and learn more about your school from behind the scenes. The Student Aid Center is a great place to turn to. They provide assistance with the preparation of documents required by the Department of Education.